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8 New Year’s Resolutions For Nintendo, Sony, & Xbox to Keep


8 New Year’s Resolutions For Nintendo, Sony, & Xbox to Keep

New Year’s Resolutions For Nintendo

Nintendo’s had a pretty stable 2018 overall, ending off the year with two of their heaviest hitters: Pokemon Let’s Go and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. On top of that, they’ve also released a few other notable titles, including Octopath Traveler, Mario Tennis Aces, and Super Mario Party.

The launch of the Labo was also a fairly big success, although their online services still leave much to be desired. Things are looking pretty good for them this year with a ton of games in their lineup. That said, here are some important new year’s resolutions Nintendo should definitely keep in mind in 2019.

Add More Classics to the Switch

Nintendo Switch Online, NPD

Who could forget the battle between Nintendo and ROM pirates earlier this year? Because the big N finally took action, they managed to close down a handful of emulator sites that were hosting their classic titles.

With illegal emulators out of the way, Nintendo should use 2019 to definitely build upon their classic library. Sure, the online service does give exclusive access to some charming NES titles, but it’s definitely not enough. With services such as PS Now and the Xbox Game Pass, the measly NES emulator hardly holds a candle to what services the competition provides.

There’s no doubt Nintendo does have plans of building up their classic library eventually, but it wouldn’t hurt to speed up the process this year. Here’s hoping we also see SNES, GBA, and even GameCube games added to the online service, too.

Keep Up the Crossovers

Nintendo’s been on a roll with their collaborations lately –Ganondorf armor in Diablo III, Star Fox in Starlink, and even Super Smash Bros Ultimate in general. Fans love seeing Nintendo playing nice with other franchises, so that’s one thing they should definitely keep doing this year.

With characters like Mario and Pikachu, Nintendo has some of the most iconic faces in the gaming industry. Watching them team up with other crazy characters is a surreal, enjoyable experience, evident by Mario + Rabbids alone.

There are still tons of characters who haven’t been used outside of their games, and there’s plenty of potential just sitting there. Who knows, Nintendo might just end up making that Luigi x Castlevania crossover this year.

Bring In Netflix and Other Similar Services

Netflix Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a great entertainment system, but it still sorely lacks plenty of other streaming services. Within the past two years, we’ve only gotten both Hulu and YouTube to watch videos and movies.

Streaming services would no doubt be perfect on the Switch, as you could watch on the big screen and continue streaming on handheld mode. Since launch, fans have been asking for Netflix, so that’s one thing Nintendo should definitely strive to focus on this year.

Other services like Spotify, HBO GO, Amazon Video, Crunchyroll, and Funimation would also be a welcome addition to the Switch’s growing entertainment library.

Improve the Online Features

nintendo, switch, online service

Nintendo’s online services leave much to be desired, especially since fans have already started paying for it. The mediocre service hardly takes advantage of the Switch’s social features, which is something Nintendo has to improve on if they want more people to pay for online.

For instance, removing that Nintendo app and adding in voice chat to their games is a great way to start. Having to toggle between two devices just to talk in-game, to say the least. Similarly, Nintendo should also take advantage of the friend list by being able to directly invite friends to sessions in-game.

Nintendo could also add in an in-game messaging service, similar to Swapnote but preferably something a bit more conventional. Adding some exclusive online features would sway more fans to shell out some cash for the service if they haven’t been enticed by the low price point already.

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