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Kingdom Hearts 3: How to Get Starlight Keyblade

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Kingdom Hearts 3: How to Get Starlight Keyblade

How to Get the Starlight Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 3

Part of what makes Kingdom Hearts so fun is the wealth of imaginative Keyblades Sora can use, and Kingdom Hearts 3 will have plenty to choose from. However, unlike past games there are quite a few Keyblades you can get as DLC or through other means. Here’s how to get the Starlight Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 3.

The Starlight Keyblade was introduced with Union X and its previous iterations and many of the characters in the game, including Ephemer, wield it. Square Enix has made the Keyblade a bonus for Kingdom Hearts 3, but there’s a bit of a catch to getting it.

How to Get Your Starlight Keyblade Code in Union X

Boot up Union X on your mobile device then on the title screen click the x 3 [ex tres] option. This will take you to a new screen with multiple options. Tap the Classic Kingdom and you’ll be taken to a series of retro minigames that you can play. You need to get a certain total score in each of these minigames in order to get the Starlight Keyblade.

Back out to the previous menu and click on the Limited-Time Challenge option and you’ll see the requirements for getting the Starlight Keyblade. The good news is that these numbers are total score that will compile each time you play a minigame, so it’s just a matter of putting some time in.

The good news is that Square Enix has halved the score requirements to get the Starlight Keyblade for Kingdom Hearts 3, so here’s what score is currently required.

  • Fishin’ Frenzy – 3750
  • Giantland – 25 Escapes
  • The Musical Farmer – 2500
  • The Karnival Kid – 15,000
  • The Barnyard Battle – 12,500

How to Redeem Your Product Code

Getting all of the requirements took us roughly three hours to do. Once you’ve met everything head to the Limited-Time Challenge page once again. Once everything is cleared you can tap one of the two options on the bottom of the page to get your code, corresponding to the system you’ll be playing Kingdom Hearts 3 on, either Xbox One or PS4.

Once you’ve activated the code it will be stored in Union X until April 30, and you can check it at any time. The code will also expire on April 30.

Once the game launches though, just head to the redeem codes section on the PlayStation or Xbox store and enter it.

How to Get the Starlight Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 3

If you’ve followed the steps above to get this keyblade via Union X, simply redeem the code on your platform’s store of choice as you would any other and you’ll immediately unlock it upon starting up Kingdom Hearts 3.

On the other hand, if you’re not about playing through the mobile game, and are instead just looking at how you can get the Starlight Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 3 itself, it’s fairly simple.

All you need to do is continue playing through the story. It’s actually one of the last Keyblades you’ll get in the game, though, so it might take a while for you to reach the point of getting it. As such, if you’re in a rush to get it, playing Union X and following the above steps should ensure you get to play most of Kingdom Hearts 3 with it.

That’s exactly how to get the Starlight Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 3. For more on all things Kingdom Hearts make sure to search Twinfinite. Take a look at some of Kingdom Hearts-related features, like our ranking of the entires series or the best Kingdom Hearts worlds.


Question: How do you get the Starlight Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Answer: You’ll need to head to the x 3 [ex tres] option on the main menu in Union X and then play all of the Classic Kingdom minigames. You’ll have to hit a certain total score for each one, then you can redeem the Starlight Keyblade in the Limited-Time Challenge option in the x 3 [ex tres] menu. Alternatively, you can just play Kingdom Hearts 3 and unlock it as part of the story.

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