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Kingdom Hearts 3: Where to Find Olaf

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Kingdom Hearts 3: Where to Find Olaf

Where to Find Olaf in Kingdom Hearts 3

One of the brand new worlds found in Kingdom Hearts 3 is the heavily theorized and requested Disney’s Frozen. Arendelle is realized inside of Kingdom Hearts 3 alongside fan-favorite characters like Olaf and Elsa. Here’s where to find Olaf in Kingdom Hearts 3.

While exploring this winter wonderland, you’ll be tasked with a bevy of different activities to complete, some more challenging than others. One of these puzzles includes having to find Olaf and the pieces of his body that have been scattered across the lake.

This section of the Frozen world happens about halfway through your time in Arendelle.

Where to Find the Pieces

At this point in Kingdom Hearts 3, you will be tasked with finding Olaf’s three body parts that are scattered across the frozen lake. You’ll need to find his legs, head, and torso to move forward in the story. Here’s what you need to do, step by step.

  • To find his torso you need to go up the big hill to the left of your starting position, look for a big piece of snow sticking out of the ground with a button on it. Press triangle to pick it up.
  • Follow the trail at the top of the hill around through the trees, until you come down to the small frozen lake. Olaf’s head is stuck inside a giant snowball just north of the lake, you can hear him talking, so have Sora jump on top of the snowball and then roll it into a wall or rock to smash it and free Olaf’s head.
  • For the final piece, his legs, you’ll find them running around on the lake itself. You’ll need to chase them and hit triangle when you’re close enough to catch them.

Once you’ve reassembled Olaf you can proceed through the rest of the Arendelle story and continue on with Kingdom Hearts 3.

Where to Find Olaf for the Photo Challenge

There is also a photo challenge given to you by the Moogle Shop in which you are tasked with tracking down Olaf and taking a photo of him. Head towards the Frozen castle where you will find Olaf and friends, merely take a photo of Olaf to complete this challenge and gain a new item for synthesis from the Moogles.

That does it for where to find Olaf in Kingdom Hearts 3. For more tips, tricks, and guides be sure to check out our Kingdom hearts 3 Wiki. Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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