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Kingdom Hearts 3: How to View Memory Archive Videos

how to view memory archive videos, kingdom hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3: How to View Memory Archive Videos

How to View Memory Archive Videos in Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a game steeped in years and years of lore, but there’s an in-game feature present to help. Here’s how to view Memory Archive videos in Kingdom Hearts 3.

If you’re just now jumping into the series with Kingdom Hearts 3, there are a lot of games to catch up on. Most people looking to jump in right away are probably not tryin to play through a massive back catalogue of games.

While experiencing the gameplay of those past entries is not necessary in any way, understanding the lore that’s spread out across all of them is. Fortunately, Kingdom Hearts 3 features Memory Archive videos that do a decent job at getting you up to speed.

There are five videos to be watched in this archive and while they are not in any way something you should rely on if you wish to completely understand the story, they are certainly enough to get you up to speed to get the gist of what’s occurring throughout the game.

To view these Memory Archive videos inside Kingdom Hearts 3, you have two options:

Option one sees you viewing them in game.

To view these videos in game, you must first ensure that you have downloaded and installed the newest patch. It’s patch 1.01 and it was added to the game on Jan. 30.

With this patch installed, you should see on the main menu a new selection titled, “Memory Archive.” Select this option and it will take you to a screen where you can select one of five videos to view.

View all five of them in order and then jump back into Kingdom Hearts 3 with your newfound knowledge.

The other way to view these videos is by going directly to the Square Enix YouTube channel. There, all five videos are uploaded and available to view.

If you don’t want to travel to YouTube, read our story about these five videos. In this story, all five stories are embedded so you don’t have to leave the page.

Again, while these videos do a great job at getting you up to speed, they are in no way comprehensive and we recommend checking out other sources if you want to understand the entire story.

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