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Kingdom Hearts 3: How to Block

how to block, kingdom hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3: How to Block

How to Block in Kingdom Hearts 3

After years of patiently waiting, fans can finally play Kingdom Hearts 3, the first proper numbered game in the series (unless you count bizarre side games like II.8), in over a decade. If you have found your way here you’re probably wondering how to block in Kingdom Hearts 3.

KH3 is an action-RPG game and the main challenge is surviving waves of easy to kill, but prone to swarming heartless, or artfully dodging, blocking and surviving your way through difficult battles versus tougher boss-like enemies.

Blocking is, of course, a key part of most action and action RPG games, and KH3 is no different. Whether it’s absorbing an attack, giving yourself a quick breather, or knowing that a dodge will put you in a worse position than just blocking, it’s good to keep that move in your back pocket.

To block in Kingdom Hearts 3 all you need to do is press Square/X while Sora is standing still; this can be performed in the air as well. Moving at all will perform a dodge instead. Both of these moves are unlocked at the start of the game.

Gameplay in KH3 can be chaotic, especially at the higher difficulties, and you’re going to want to preserve as much HP as possible since you can’t always count on your party members to pull you through.

Saving every drop of HP by either blocking or dodging while on the more challenging difficulties like Proud, is crucial, so definitely remember to use your defensive abilities.

That does it for how to block in Kingdom Hearts 3. For more tips, tricks, and helpful information about the latest from Square Enix, be sure to check out our wiki guide for plenty of FAQs answered.


Question: How do you block in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Answer: Hold Square/X and Sora will defend himself from attacks.

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