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Farm Together: How to Get Tickets

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Farm Together: How to Get Tickets

How to Get Tickets in Farm Together

Farm Together throws realism aside for something more relaxed and carefree, which makes it super relaxing to play. But you won’t be able to deck out your house and farm with the best furniture and items until you have tickets. Here’s how to get tickets in Farm Together.

You’ll notice that Farm Together has added a new currency to use in its Shop since the Early Access period. Called Tickets, these are used to purchase decorations and pieces of furniture that you’ll probably want to install in your house at some point during your playthrough.

But how do you actually accumulate these rewards?

Well, Tickets are gained by performing jobs. At the start of the game –which is where you likely are if you’re reading this guide– you’re limited to one job that you can earn tickets from: cooking.

Jobs in Farm Together are accessed via the furniture that they correspond to. In the case of cooking, it shouldn’t come as much surprise that cooking requires a cooker! So your first port of call should be to purchase and build.

Press spacebar to bring up your shop when standing in your home. The first tab you see contains the Cooker, Easel, and Piano.

We recommend purchasing two Cookers so that you can cook two recipes simultaneously and double the number of tickets you’re harvesting.

Later, you’ll be able to purchase an Easel or Piano, but these are off-limits in Farm Together for now given that they require tickets to build themselves.

Performing the various activities that earn your tickets don’t take long. It’s simply a case of interacting with the object for a short amount of time and reaping the rewards.

That’s all the information you need about how to get tickets in Farm Together. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite.


Question: How do you get tickets in Farm Together?

Answer: By performing various jobs, such as cooking, painting, or playing the piano. You need to purchase a Cooker and start making recipes to earn tickets.

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