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Top 5 Most Evil Versions of Beloved Fighting Game Characters


Top 5 Most Evil Versions of Beloved Fighting Game Characters

The list of evil versions of characters in fighting games is a long one, made even longer by the recent reveal of Street Fighter V’s Kage.

While this new evil counterpart of Ryu certainly has his merits, he got us thinking about who the top 5 evil versions of fighting game characters are across the genre’s history. Let’s run through the best of the best.

Top 5 Evil Versions of Fighting Game Characters

Devil Kazuya (Tekken Series)

Tekken 7, Devil Kazuya, Evil, Fighting Game Characters

While Devil Jin is the more well known member of the Tekken series, Devil Kazuya proves the more worthy contender for the series’ most formidable evil version of a character.

Brought about by a cursed bloodline, Kazuya’s devil form is a manifestation of pure evil and sadistic tendencies. He revels in the pain of others and will stop at nothing to achieve his own ends and goals, or at least more often than when he’s in his human form.

When in his devil form, Kazuya also takes on a much more monstrous appearance than Devil Jin. His entire body is adorned in hellish spikes and demonic flesh, with wings adorned in multiple eyes for good measure.

That’s to say nothing of his move set, which will induce rage in most any Tekken player who isn’t prepared to dodge laser blasts and combo barrages at a moment’s notice.

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