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Subnautica: How to Get Cave Sulfur

Subnautica, how to get cave sulfur

Subnautica: How to Get Cave Sulfur

How to Get Cave Sulfur in Subnautica

Surviving on an alien planet isn’t easy, so you’ll need all of the supplies you can get. Cave Sulfur is one of the many resources scattered across the seas in the game. If you’re having trouble finding it, here’s how to get Cave Sulfur in Subnautica.

Cave Sulfur is a raw material that’s essentially used to craft different tools you can use for exploration. Unlike some of the other resources you can collect, you harvest this one from flora.

You can only harvest this material from Sulfur Plants, which are usually homes to Crashfish. You’ll have to lure the fish out first before you can collect the Cave Sulfur. It’s easy to lure them out by approaching them, although they’ll charge at you and explode upon contact.

A Sulfur Plant

Here are a few methods you can try to get rid of the Crashfish in Subnautica:

  • Lure them out of the plant and use the Seaglide to avoid the explosion.
  • Use a Repulsion Cannon to push the fish away before it gets too close.
  • Bring a Stasis Rifle to immobilize the Crashfish, but stay out of the blast radius.

Once you’ve managed to dispose of the fish, approach the Sulfur Plant and collect your hard-earned Cave Sulfur. It’s important to note that if you destroy the plant beforehand, you won’t be able to collect the material.

What to Craft with Cave Sulfur

There are a few things you can create with this particular resource in Subnautica. The most prominent one being the flare, but here’s a full list:

  • Flare
  • Laser Cutter
  • Repair Tool

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Cave Sulfur in Subnautica. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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