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Smash Bros Ultimate: How to Save Your Game

Smash Bros Ultimate, How to Save, How to Save in Smash Bros Ultimate

Smash Bros Ultimate: How to Save Your Game

How to Save in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

With so many characters, stages, music tracks, and spirits to collect in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, it’s very important to make sure that all of your hard work and progress is saved. Imagine completing an entire run in classic mode only to lose all of that because of a little mistake. Here’s how to save your game in Smash Bros Ultimate.

In order to save your progress in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, all you have to do is complete a match or finish a run in classic mode. Once you do either of those things, the game will auto-save, keeping your precious game data safe from being gone forever.

The only time that you can manually do this is during a World of Light playthrough, which is accessed by bringing up the menu with a press of the start or + button on your controller.

The options menu will then pop up, allowing you to save your game by, obviously, hitting that very option.

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There are so many characters and data to lose out on, so if you plan on shutting off Super Smash Bros Ultimate, just double-check that your game has been saved recently, or else you will be in a world of trouble.

That’s everything you need to know about how to save in Super Smash Bros Ultimate; if you guys are looking for more tips, tricks, or guides on Super Smash Bros Ultimate, then please be sure to hit up our ever-expanding Smash Bros Ultimate wiki guide.

It’s filled with guides on how to unlock all characters, what the install size is, how to play as new characters such as Ridley, Incineroar, and Inkling, as well as how to get spirit points, how to level up spirits and how many spirits there are.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is now available for the Nintendo Switch. You can read our review of the game right here if you’re interested.

Also, like always, don’t be afraid to shoot us a comment down below if you have any issues with this guide –we’ll try to answer back as soon as we can!


Question: How do you save your game in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Answer: Saving your game is really simple! Thanks to the modern marvel of autosaving, you’ll be good to go most of the time. If you’re playing World of Light, you can save by pressing the plus sign on your controller and selecting the Save option from the menu that appears.

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