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Just Cause 4: Is it PS4 Pro Compatible? What You Need to Know


Just Cause 4: Is it PS4 Pro Compatible? What You Need to Know

Is Just Cause 4 PS4 Pro Compatible?

Exploring the fictional South American country of Solis is one of the major highlights of the newly released Just Cause 4. While doing so, you might be wondering if this game will make use of your fancy PS4 Pro system. Here’s what you need to know about Just Cause 4 being PS4 Pro compatible.

If you’re unaware, Just Cause 4 is a continuation of the series and focuses on protagonist, Rico Rodriguez as he battles the oppressive regime of the Black Hand private military organization. Most of your time will be spent flying around via wing-suit, using your grappling hook to traverse the beautiful environment, and initiating some of the most explosive and over-the-top game-play in recent memory.

If you have a PS4 Pro system, you’re in luck, because Just Cause 4 is compatible with it and includes enhancements with the upgraded hardware. Although Just Cause 4 is PS4 Pro compatible, it’s not entirely clear what all enhancements are included at this time.

Per the official PlayStation site, Just Cause 4 is simply listed as PS4 Pro Enhanced, with no details.

What we can tell you is that Just Cause 4 supports HDR, which will make the colors pop and seem more realistic, similar to real life counterparts.

Aside from that, it seems as though there are minor improvements to the load times, as the processing power for the PS4 Pro is greater than that of the standard PS4.

We’ve reached out for more clarification on the exact PS4 Pro enhancements and will update this guide as soon as we get a response. For now, it’s unclear on whether Just Cause 4 is supported with 4K on PS4 Pro, or other enhancements but we’ll let you know what’s included as soon as we find out.

That should cover everything you need to know about whether Just Cause 4 is PS4 Pro compatible. Be sure to visit our Just Cause 4 Wiki, featuring all the tips and guides you’ll need to survive during your journey in Solis.

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