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Destiny 2: Where Xur Spawns (All Possible Locations)


Destiny 2: Where Xur Spawns (All Possible Locations)

All Xur Spawn Locations in Destiny 2

Xur is the Santa Claus of Destiny 2. He likes to drop in every weekend, and give out some exotic equipment for a nominal Legendary Shard cost. Granted, he’s kind of turned into a Santa that no one likes because he’s still only selling year one instead of year two equipment, but that’s a separate conversation. Let’s get into all Xur’s spawns, what he sells, and what time he appears.

Where Xur Spawns in the Tower

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Xur’s spawn point on the Tower for Destiny 2 is pretty straight forward. Just spawn into the Tower from the courtyard, go out towards the hangar, and then hang a left and go to the corner of the area.

He will be hanging out on a walkway at the location marked in the picture above. Just look for him there and the usual smattering of people invading his personal space.

Where Xur Spawns in Earth

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Xur’s spawn point on Earth can be a little bit tricky because it requires a bit of platforming unless you want to go through a lost sector. Go out to the location noted above.

Xur is actually above you on a ledge. The quickest way to reach him is to use your jump ability to get up to his location using the various ledges and foliage that are nearby.

As always, look for Xur himself, and all the people usually surrounding him to help guide you to where you’re heading.

Where Xur Spawns in Io

destiny 2, io, xur, location

For Xur’s spawn location on Io, arrive into Io via Giant’s Scar. Stick towards hugging that left wall and you’ll see a nearby building that you’ll need to walk through.

Keep hanging a left and then go forward until you see a cave. He will be hanging out right in there. Cozy, ain’t it?

Where Xur Spawns in Titan

Xur, spawn, locations, where, destiny 2, titan

Titan is arguably the trickiest Xur location to find because of how vertical Titan is, and how many possible layers of terrain he could be hiding at. You can’t just simply go to the location as marked above.

Essentially though, what you want to do is go as low as you can, to the point where about as low as you can be and if you walked any further down you’d be falling into Titan’s murky methane oceans.

titan xur location

Look for a dock that has a bunch of cargo crates near a opening into a building. There’s a small room that will house Xur when he spawns. See the picture above for help on what you’re looking for.

Where Xur Spawns in Nessus

Xur, spawn, locations, where, destiny 2, nessus

To find Xur’s spawn location on Nessus, you need to get high up into the trees. Spawn into Watcher’s Grave and then head towards the area marked above.

He’s going to be above you hanging out in a tree. As long as he’s there for this week, you shouldn’t have a hard time spotting him on the branch he bizarrely likes to perch from, you’ll just need to do some platforming to get there.

What Time Does Xur Appear?

He will always appear at the same time every week, and last until the weekly reset.

As of Season 5, he will arrive Fridays at 12 PM eastern time, 9 AM pacific time and leave Tuesdays 12 PM eastern time, 9 AM pacific time.

Make sure that you visit him at some point before he goes because after that, his wares will likely change for the following week and you will have missed out on your chance.

What Does Xur Sell?

As of the time of this writing, Xur will always sell the following items: one exotic weapon usable by any class, a unique exotic armor exclusive to each of the three major classes. For now, until Bungie decides differently, they are always year one exotics.

They are all for sale for Legendary Shards. 29 for the weapon, 23 for the armor.

In addition, he will sell a Fated Engram for 97 Legendary Shards. This will guarantee you an exotic you don’t already own on your account from year one. Finally, he also has Three of Coins for free which allows you to modify your Nightfall runs for a better weekly score.

That’s all you need to know about Xur in Destiny 2. For more on Destiny 2’s year two of content starting from Forsaken, be sure to check out our wiki guide.

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