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5 Games that Redeemed Themselves in 2018


5 Games that Redeemed Themselves in 2018

5 Games that Redeemed Themselves in 2018

Destiny 2

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This time last year Destiny 2 was going through an identity crisis. It wanted to try and appeal to both the hardcore players while still being extremely inviting to new players, but it wasn’t doing either of those things well.

The end game grind just wasn’t worth it to players and the systems to get the best loot needed to be looked at again.

This past September Destiny 2 released its biggest expansion yet, Forsaken.

Similar to the Taken King Expansion in the original game, Forsaken brought a ton of new content, but also focused heavily on giving those hardcore Destiny players difficult challenges and progression to keep them coming back.

Forsaken coupled with a new plan to roll out content more frequently has helped breathe new life into the game again.

Destiny 2 players are happy with the new gear they’ve been hunting and the Last Wish raid was a huge improvement on the previous raids Bungie had designed.

With a smoother progression system, new strikes and raids, and an endgame grind, there has never been a better time to be a Destiny 2 player.

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