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Twitter Has Been Adding Music to the New Smash Bros. Commercial and It’s Hilarious

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Twitter Has Been Adding Music to the New Smash Bros. Commercial and It’s Hilarious

At first, it seemed out of place for the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate commercial —one with stylish, new animation— to not feature any background music whatsoever. Looking back on it, though, it was a decision of pure genius.

What better way to have people talking about your game than having it be the basis for a great, wholesome, family-friendly meme. People have been taking the commercial and adding over their own background music to spruce it up a bit.

The results are pretty incredible. Some songs just go with it way too well to the point of being uncanny. If you told me that Nintendo edited the trailer to the rhythm of Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, I’d believe you.

Here are some of the best mashups we could find.

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

Happy Together – The Turtles

Avid Smash Bros. fans will likely remember this being the tune in the famous commercial for the original game. It works just as well here.

September – Earth, Wind & Fire

Kung Fu Fighting – Carl Douglas

This song is so appropriate. It’s a shame that the final game won’t have custom soundtracks.

Guile’s Theme – Street Fighter II

It truly does go with everything.

The Final Countdown – Europe

Lifelight – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Lifelight is the song from the recent World of Light trailer.

I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

This should really be Kirby’s theme song in this game.

Fist Bump – Sonic Forces

Crazy – Gnarls Barkley

Welcome to the Jungle – Guns ‘n’ Roses

Nasty Majesty – Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion

Ducktales Theme Song

Music from every character’s game

This is probably the best one I’ve seen. Every character’s music is represented here, and it is edited together so beautifully.

All I Want – The Offspring

Mass Destruction – Persona 3

I’ll end off with one I threw together myself, inspired by my current playthrough of the Persona franchise. I tried Persona 5’s Last Surprise, but Mass Destruction worked really well with the timing of Isabelle’s jump, Kirby’s plummet, and Charizard’s appearance.

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