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Fallout 76: How to Repair the Poseidon Energy Plant


Fallout 76: How to Repair the Poseidon Energy Plant

How to Repair the Poseidon Energy Plant in Fallout 76

Similar to other always online multiplayer games, Fallout 76 includes mission specific multiplayer events on each server. Together, you must work with other players in the world to complete tasks within a time limit.

Here is how to repair the Poseidon Energy Plant event in Fallout 76.

Powering Up Poseidon is an event that requires players to repair the Poseidon Energy Power Plant. More precisely, you’ll have to repair the Generator System, Reactor System, and Cooling System to fix the Plant.

In order to do the event, you’ll obviously have to be in the proper area. Poseidon Energy Plant is a fair amount of distance from Vault 76, as it is located in the Forest Region of the map.

Be sure to stock up on Ammo, Stimpaks, Rad-X, and Radaway before this mission, as you’ll face hazardous areas and enemies throughout.

Once you arrive at the plant, there are a few ways to get inside. Each of the locked entrances requires level three hacking to get to the reactor. We recommend going through the cooling towers instead, since you’ll have to repair them in this area anyway.

Make Basic Repairs to the Cooling System

Since you’re in the area already, start by following the “Make basic repairs to the cooling system” quest markers. Looking at your minimap will show you the general vicinity of each of the pipes that need repairing.

Pipes in this area are yellow with black stripes and will be leaking smoke, signifying the need for repairs.

Fallout 76

In order to repair the pipes, all you need to do is walk up to them and press X on PS4 and A on Xbox One. No materials or specific skills are required to repair any of the Systems in this event.

As always, the quest will be tracked in the top right, displaying your repair progress via a bar that gradually fills with each restoration. Once you’ve completely filled the bar, head over to the quest marker for the Generator System.

Make Basic Repairs to the Generator System

Just like the Cooling System repairs, fixing the Generator requires no material or skill. Once again, you’ll just follow the quest markers and pressing X on PS4 and A on Xbox One when prompted to make the repairs.

Instead of pipes, the Generator System requires you to find and fix control consoles. These consoles can be found attached to turbines, with the prompt showing up at the computer console portion of the machine.

Alongside repairing the consoles, you’ll have to deal with level seven turrets as well, but they shouldn’t be too hard to handle with multiple people or if you take your time.

Once you’ve completed progress for the Generator System portion of the quest, you’ll head over to the final part of the mission, located in the Reactor System.

Make Basic Repairs to the Reactor System

This part of the quest is easily the most difficult one, as the Reactor System room is laced with radiation. As a result, it is almost impossible to do in one go without a lot of Rad-X and Radaway.

You’ll need to complete this part to finish the mission though, so be sure to exit the room and heal accordingly when necessary. Just like the previous rooms, you’ll need to make progress by fixing pipes and consoles, doing so until the bar in the quest marker gives you the option to fix the Power Plant.

Once you reach the necessary amount of repairs, head over to the reactor console. Use the Poseiden Plant Master Control System to restart the reactor and complete the event.

Alongside a lot of radiation, you’ll receive Purified Water (2), Sturdy Leather Right Leg (Armor), Fusion Cells (50), Nuclear Waste (5), Copper Scraps (7), and a plan for a Large Generator once you’ve completed the quest.

That’s all you need to know on how to complete the repair Poseidon Energy Plant event in Fallout 76. For more tips, tricks, and guides to help you survive the West Virginia wasteland, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Fallout 76 guide wiki. We’ve also included some of our most popular Fallout 76 guides down below for your convenience.

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