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Fallout 76 Firecracker Berry Locations: How to Get Firecracker Berries Easily


Fallout 76 Firecracker Berry Locations: How to Get Firecracker Berries Easily

How to Get Firecracker Berries Easily in Fallout 76

Exploring Appalachia, you’ll come across an absolute ton of items, flora, fauna, creature parts, and bizarre bits and pieces you can pick up to use one way or another in Fallout 76. Firecracker Berries are one of them, and they literally explode if you step over them with the same whimsical whistle of fireworks on the fourth of July. Here’s how to get Firecracker Berries easily in Fallout 76.

Now, first and foremost, you don’t want to just step over these because, not only will you be unable to pick them up, they’ll also deal a tiny amount of damage to you.

When you spot some out in the wild, take your time approaching them and be sure not to walk through them by mistake. If you’ve been struggling to find Firecracker Berry spawn locations in Fallout 76, then fear not, we’ve got a bunch of locations detailed for you down below to keep you covered.

Best Firecracker Berry Locations in Fallout 76

  • Seneca Gang Camp
  • Toxic Larry’s Meat ‘N Go
  • Aaronholt Homestead
  • Monorail Elevator
  • Soloman’s Pond
  • Mac’s Farm
  • Twin Lakes
  • Ingrim Mansion

The best way for you to get Firecracker Berries from our experience in Fallout 76 is to head to these locations. Keep in mind, however, that with this being an MMO-style game, other players may have managed to nip there and harvest these Firecracker Berry locations before you have the chance.

In these instances, you’re best simply moving your CAMP (if you’ve got the Caps), to one of these locations. Then, go off and do your thing in the world of Fallout 76. Complete a side quest, do some improvements to your CAMP, whatever floats your boat. Return back in about 30-45 minutes and chances are there will be more Firecracker Berries for you to harvest for yourself.

A slightly quicker alternative is to world hop, by simply exiting the game and then loading into another world. With a bit of luck, the other Vault 76 dwellers won’t be quite as keen for Firecracker Berries as you are in the new world you drop into.

That’s all you need to know to get Firecracker Berries easily in Fallout 76.

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