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Darksiders 3: Where to Get Chunk of Adamantine & What It Does


Darksiders 3: Where to Get Chunk of Adamantine & What It Does

Where to Get Chunk of Adamantine and What It Does in Darksiders 3

As you make your way through Darksiders 3, you’ll find yourself in search of items to upgrade and enhance your weapons. One item in particular can be difficult to find though, so we’re here to help with a guide on where to get Chunk of Adamantine and what it does.

What Chunk of Adamantine Does

As players advance through the story of Darksiders 3 and unlock new areas, they’ll find pieces of Adamantine in varying sizes and qualities. At the game’s start, you’ll only find slivers of the precious metal, but with time more complete and untarnished pieces can be found.

Near the end of the game though, you’ll be able to find the biggest and best pieces of Adamantine in Darksiders 3. Referred to as a Chunk of Adamantine, it allows players to upgrade a +9 weapon of their choosing to +10, the highest rank available in the game.

This provides a sizable boost to the weapon’s damage, and is indispensable for Darksiders 3’s final fights.

Where to Get Chunk of Adamantine

That said, Chunks of Adamantine aren’t a common resource in Darksiders 3. There are only three in the entire game, and they’re all only attainable once you have at least three of the four Hollows. Once you have these abilities though, it’s fairly easy to track them down.

Chunk of Adamantine #1

The first chunk can be found in Haven. Starting from the North End Serpent Tunnel, hang left around the corner of the nearby building and head towards the protruding maker tree roots.

Look for the chain swing prompt to the left, and make your way up the roots toward a platform to the upper left. You’ll need the Flame Hollow’s high jump to reach it, so keep the ability at the ready.

From the platform, turn around and look for another platform a short distance away. High jump and swing across a root to the platform, then follow it into a closed space with a purple Force barrier.

Break the barrier, head further into the building it was blocking off and head down a staircase to the left. To the right of the bottom of the staircase you’ll find a Chunk of Adamantine.

Chunk of Adamantine #2

The next Chunk of Adamantine can be found in the Cargo Ships section of the Bonelands area. Head under the wreckage to the right toward the acid lake with two storm currents.

Use these storm currents to float to the platform across the acid lake, then turn left and continue towards the nearby building. Head into the building, then take the exit on the right side of the main room.

Keep heading straight toward two stasis covered walls. Once you reach them, use the Stasis Hollow to jump between them towards a platform to the upper right. Here, you’ll find a magnetic stone strip you can travel across with the Force Hollow magnetism ball.

Follow the path down, and then look for some shipping containers sticking out of the acid lake. Jump toward an island to the left, and you’ll find another Chunk of Adamantine.

Chunk of Adamantine #3

Darksiders 3’s third and final Chunk of Adamantine can be found in the Scar area, specifically past the conveyer belt platforms the player reaches near the area’s end. Take the platforms to the wooden scaffolding where the demons are sniping you from, and make your way towards the bottom of the scaffolding.

Here, you’ll find two threshers grinding against one another with some visible space beneath them. Use your Stasis Hollow ability to charge up a glaive attack and target both threshers. This should slow them down enough to allow you to jump down below them.

Just below the threshers you’ll see a corpse with an item nearby. Pick up the item and you’ll have your final Chunk of Adamantine.

Hopefully this clears up where to get Chunk of Adamantine and what it does. Darksiders 3 is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For more on all things Darksiders 3, check out the game’s launch trailer as well as our full review of the title.

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