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Battlefield V: How to Play With Friends


Battlefield V: How to Play With Friends

How to Play With Friends in Battlefield V

Battlefield V has arrived and while it shares a lot in common with its most recent predecessor in terms of how the game is setup, it takes place in a completely different location. Luckily, if you want to know how to play with friends, it’s not too much different.

In order to play with friends in Battlefield V, you must first press R2/RT on the main menu screen to pull up your in-game friends list.

From there, you can see anyone that is currently online on Battlefield V. Then, you can press Triangle/Y to invite your friend to a party. This will put you in a pre-made group.

Once you’re in a pre-made party, the party leader (whoever sent the invite), can queue up for a game mode, such as Conquest, and any friends that are in your party will also come along for the ride.

Just make sure that everyone is paying attention. There will be a prompt that pops up that will let the party members know that an online match has been joined and they’ll need to confirm that participation before they are brought into the game.

Alternatively, on a console, you can also just join up on a friend in Battlefield V like you would any other game by accessing your friends list from either Xbox One/PlayStation 4. Just press the PS/Guide button on your controller and access your friends list.

Find the person you want to join, select their profile, and find the option to join on their game. If there is space in the match, you should be allowed to join.

Keep in mind though that you’re just joining their game, and won’t be in their in-game party. There’s a possibility you could be on the opposite team – which if that’s what you want, then great – or the game could fill up before you get in.

Join a party in-game like we explained above if you want to be guaranteed to be playing alongside your friend in Battlefield V.

That does it for how to play with friends in Battlefield V. For more content and information, check out the latest multiplayer trailer, the most recent news on the status of its battle royale mode, and DICE’s approach to war stories this time around.

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