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How to Download Xbox One Video Clips


How to Download Xbox One Video Clips

How to Download Xbox One Video Clips

One of the best ways to share your video game experiences on the Xbox One is by recording clips and sharing them with your friends. There’s no better feeling than carrying your team or coming across some silly situation in a video game, only for you to save it at just the right moment.

Recording clips is easy enough, but some fans might be wondering how they can download it. If you have your footage ready, here’s how to download your Xbox One video clips onto your PC.

First things first – if you want to download your Xbox One video clips, you need to make a OneDrive account first. The process is incredibly easy, provided you have an e-mail address.

Simply follow the instructions on the website, and you should have your OneDrive account in no time. Once that’s done, you can move on and finally start the transfer process.

So what you will want to do is head on over to the Upload Studio and upload your Xbox One video clips to OneDrive. When that’s finished, you will then have to go to your PC and log into your account.

You should see your Xbox video clip sitting in your cloud storage, so simply select and download it. Once the download is complete, you should finally have your Xbox One video clips on your system.

You can post your downloaded Xbox One video clips on social media, or edit it to create a cool montage. That said, you can also edit your video clips on your system before downloading it.

How to Edit Xbox One Video Clips

When it comes down to trimming your footage or combining two clips together, you use the Upload Studio for your editing needs. Here’s how to edit your clips if you don’t know how to.

Basically, all you want to do is start the Upload Studio and select the “Manage your clips” option. From there, simply highlight the Xbox One video clip that you want to edit, then choose “Edit in Upload Studio.”

The editing studio is packed with plenty of tools you can use to fix your clips accordingly. Once you are done, just save your work and upload it on OneDrive to download it.

That about wraps up everything you need to know about downloading and editing your Xbox One video clips. For more handy tips and tricks, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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