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Warriors Orochi 4: How to Get Crystals


Warriors Orochi 4: How to Get Crystals

How to Get Crystals in Warriors Orochi 4

Here’s everything you need to know about how to get crystals in Warriors Orochi 4.

Omega Force’s Hack and Slash series is back, bringing with it a lot of new gameplay and story in Warriors Orochi 4. Player are once again given control of a three-man team made up of Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors characters.

In order to progress throughout the story, you’ll need to upgrade your characters, weapons, and equipment to be able to take on harder scales of enemies. This can be done by killing enemies and farming the resources they drop.

Crystals are a valuable resource in the game, one that can be farmed in order to buy powerful weapons and equipment. They don’t come easy though, as there are only a few ways to get them. Here they are for you.

The most common way to earn these precious gems in the new game comes by way of completing set mission requirements. This tends to occur on special missions, with parameters changing based on each one.

One prerequisite may require you to defeat an avoidable enemy, while others have time-oriented goals, like completing the mission in under a certain amount of time.

Once you’ve progressed further through the game, another valuable resource for collecting them can be found in past missions. Specifically, you’ll need to complete missions where Hundun now appears.

The incarnation of chaos only shows up after you’ve reached Chapter 3. You’ll also have to play the specific level he appears at on the Pandemonium difficulty setting. Once you do run into him, defeat Hundun and you’ll be given crystals as a reward.

That’s how you earn crystals in Warriors Orochi 4. For more information, including helpful guides, tips, and tricks, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki for Warriors Orochi 4.

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