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Warriors Orochi 4: How to Get Gems Fast


Warriors Orochi 4: How to Get Gems Fast

How to Get Gems Fast in Warriors Orochi 4

Here’s everything you need to know about how to get gems fast in Warriors Orochi 4.

In order to progress through Warriors Orochi 4, you are going to need the best weapons and equipment available. Like previous installments in the series, these can be bought with valuable in-game resources. One of the most common of those resources is gems.

These drop a number of different ways in the game and are usually earned automatically.

First and foremost, they’re given out at the end of each mission, with the exact number varying depending on how you did.

While you’ll certainly earn plenty of them through basic combat and completing objects, there are a number of ways to earn them more efficiently. We’ll go over those techniques now.

One of the best ways to ensure you get the most in the shortest time period is through infusion. Infusion is the process of combining your weapon with a modifier. For this specific example, you’ll need a gem drop-rate boosting.

Whenever a gem drop-rate boosting element is equipped to a weapon, it will cause enemies to drop gems upon their death.

Officers should be your main target, as they drop more of them. Focus on farming missions with plenty of enemy officers with this element attached and you’ll end up doubling your efforts.

Another strategy for earning these precious crystals occurs when you have weapons and equipment you don’t use. Whenever you are at a vendor, simply sell the weaker weapons and equipment that you don’t want and you’ll be given gems in return.

Keep these strategies in mind and play the right missions and you’ll have plenty of gems to sell in no time.

That is how you collect gems fast in Warriors Orochi 4. For more help, be sure to check out our extensive wiki for Warriors Orochi 4.

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