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Ubisoft’s Child of Light Is Getting a Live-Action TV Series Adaptation


Ubisoft’s Child of Light Is Getting a Live-Action TV Series Adaptation

Ubisoft’s light-hearted, magical RPG that is Child of Light is being adapted for a live-action television series. This adaptation is a product of the company’s inaugural Women’s Film and Television Fellowship; this comes from an exclusive story courtesy of Variety.

Ubisoft’s paid fellowship started off last summer is meant to “illuminate female voices within the entertainment industry.” Mishna Wolff and Tasha Huo were both selected to be part of the program and they both ended up having access to Ubisoft’s immense library of properties to adapt.

Tasha Huo is a longtime fan of Child of Light and has been thinking about the possibility of adapting the game into a series even before she got chosen for the program:

“There are so many stories you could find in their library, there were other genres that did interest me, but my wish was to adapt ‘Child of Light. We love that the game centers around Aurora discovering strength, I love video games and I’m passionate about them, but you want people who have never heard of these games to fall in love with them.”

Child of Light isn’t the only video game to be receiving the live-action treatment; Henry Cavill is set to star as Geralt in the upcoming Witcher Netflix series based on the video game franchise. We also got word that another live-action film adaptation of Attack on Titan is in the works, which is being directed by Andy Muschietti (IT) and will be distributed by Warner Bros.

In other Ubisoft news, the recent launch of Starlink: Battle for Atlas didn’t do so hot in terms of Twitch viewership. The French company is also thinking about throwing multiplayer back into the Assassin’s Creed franchise and they might be collaborating with Nintendo on yet another project.

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