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SoulCalibur VI Level Up Guide: How to Level Up Fast (Libra of Souls)


SoulCalibur VI Level Up Guide: How to Level Up Fast (Libra of Souls)

SoulCalibur VI Level Up Guide: How to Level Up Fast (Libra of Souls)

Here’s everything you need to know to level up fast in Libra of Souls in SoulCalibur VI.

In SoulCalibur VI’s Libra of Souls campaign, you’ll get the opportunity to buff up your customized fighter by completing quests and gaining gold and XP. However, time is money, and the faster you can turn your warrior into a near-immortal behemoth, the better.

Sidequests are a quick source of XP if you’re ever struggling to progress. They are unlocked after you advance far enough in the story and collect a sufficient amount of gold to venture out towards the green medals. Your major XP bumps will be received from the main story, however, and you’ll happen upon a few important battles that will raise your character’s level by three when beaten.

There’s an endless stream of sidequests that’ll pop up called “Bounty for Scoundrels” or “In Search of Strength.” These quests will continuously pop up on the map and you can play them as many times as you want. Because of that, these quests are a good way to grind out a bit of XP if you need to gain some levels. They can also come with some moderate rewards.

If you’re hunting for a more immediate source of XP, continue on through the story until you reach chapter 4, and unlock the town of Feendorf. Here, you will gain access to an item shop where you will be able to purchase food with various beneficial qualities. One of them, the Mabo Curry (Superb Quality), will increase your XP. If fast leveling is how you want to spend your gold, it’s best to pool as much gold as possible before taking the trip over to Feendorf. It’s also possible to get weapons that boost the XP you obtain, and you can check weapon skills in the description that pops up as you’re choosing them. You can use Bolta’s Smithy in Kashgar to upgrade your weapons, and apply any experience boost upgrades you might have accumulated to your weapon of choice.

Keen on finding out how you can stockpile that gold? Or hoping to learn about the other gameplay mechanics and features? Perhaps you just wanna know what makes Voldo tick. You’ll find answers to all but that last one in our extensive SoulCalibur VI wiki. It’s stacked with info on everything from the basics, all the way up to how you can master more advanced techniques.

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