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Red Dead Redemption 2: Where to Sell Stolen Items


Red Dead Redemption 2: Where to Sell Stolen Items

Where to Sell Stolen Items in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 follows the story of the Van der Linde gang in the old west. It’s a tale of crime, violence, and some random interactions with strangers (if you so choose), too. One of the main things you’ll need to do in Red Dead Redemption 2, however, is earn yourself some money. Not just to help fund your own personal weapon and gear requirements for your adventure, but for your camp, too. You’ll need funds to upgrade the camp’s equipment, supplies, and a whole lot more, and a great way to do that is to sell stolen items you acquire in Red Dead Redemption 2. Problem is, you can’t just sell them to anyone, anywhere. Here’s what you need to know for where to sell stolen items in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Unfortunately, most valuables you get your hands on in Red Dead Redemption 2 aren’t going to have been gotten in an entirely lawful manner. Basically, you’re probably going to have robbed them off someone.

As such, you’ll need to visit a Fence who will purchase your stolen goods, and sell them onto some buyer, unbeknown of their origins. They also sell lock breakers, too, which can be particularly useful for getting into locked buildings.

You can find a Fence in some of the towns in the game, namely Saint Denis, and also the one in Emerald Ranch who you’ll initially help to steal the wagon off his cousin.

If you’re not yet familiar enough with these locations to simply head to them in Red Dead Redemption 2, you wanna look out for a map icon that almost looks like a little piece of cheese. We’ve included an image of what you’re looking for down below.

Red Dead Redemption 2, Sell stolen items, fence, where to sell stolen items

Simply walk over to them, hold L2 / LT to lock on and bring up your interaction options with the Fence, and then select the Sell Items option.

Now, you’re free to sell stolen items freely and make some good money on your criminal activities, you dirty dog, you.

And there you have everything you need to know to sell stolen items in Red Dead Redemption 2. For more tips, tricks, and information on Rockstar’s latest western epic, be sure to check out our comprehensive Red Dead Redemption 2 guide wiki. It’s got everything from a Hunting guide, Fishing guide, and even how to increase and decrease your honor.

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