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5 Incredible, Tiny Details You Might Have Missed in Forza Horizon 4


5 Incredible, Tiny Details You Might Have Missed in Forza Horizon 4

If you’ve ever played any entry in either the Forza Horizon or Forza Motorsport series, you’ll have noticed the developer’s acute attention to detail. Each car is painstakingly modeled to look exactly like its real-life counterpart. Every track or landscape you speed across is equally immaculately detailed, making for one of the most immersive and jaw-dropping experiences you can get right now. During our time playing Forza Horizon 4, we spotted a ton of tiny details that the team at Playground Games has slipped into the game that you probably won’t even notice.

To do the developer’s work justice, and because they’re generally pretty cool, we’ve included five of the most incredible, tiny details you might have missed in Forza Horizon 4.

Incredible, Tiny Details You Might Have Missed in Forza Horizon 4

The Streetlight Numbered Labels

Forza Horizon 4 tiny details

This one caught even us out. I’m a Brit, for those of you who care, and so I was particularly excited to dive into Playground Games’ rendition of my homeland to see exactly what insane details they managed to drop in. And while I expected millimeter perfect car models, and generally stunning views as I cruised through the game’s rendition of the Lake District, I didn’t think they’d go as far as to detail the streetlights.

If you look closely enough on some of the streetlights as you’re cruising around in Forza Horizon 4, it’s possible to see the numbered labels that the real-life streetlights have. For those unaware, these numbered labels are essentially used to locate problematic streetlights, or to identify which circuit it’s a part of.

Is this common knowledge? Probably not. Is this something Forza Horizon 4 players really care about? Probably not. Is it an awesome example of Playground Games’ attention to detail? Absolutely.

This isn’t just the same number spammed over and over again on streetlights in Forza Horizon 4, either. I checked a few different ones dotted around, and each one had a different number. It’s these little extra steps that Playground Games takes that help to make its worlds feel so immersive and lived in. We’re just waiting to see the electrician pull over by one to do some maintenance next.

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