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Fortnite Week 4 Secret Banner Location: Where to Find Season 6 Week 4 Secret Star


Fortnite Week 4 Secret Banner Location: Where to Find Season 6 Week 4 Secret Star

Where to Find the Week 4 Secret Banner in Fortnite Season 6

Once you’ve completed all of the week 4 challenges in Epic Games‘ Fortnite Season 6, you’ll be able to uncover the week 4 secret banner. While it won’t grant you an additional tier on your Battle Pass, it’s a fun little adventure all the same. Here’s where to find the week 4 secret banner in Fortnite Season 6.

Before you can get your hands on the week 4 secret banner, you’ll need to complete all of the week 4 challenges. Once you’ve done this, you’ll unlock a new Season 6 Loading Screen, which we’ve included below. This contains a hint as to where you’ll need to go to uncover the week 4 secret banner location.

While the vampiress hanging from the ceiling is likely the main thing drawing your attention in the loading screen, you actually want to look over the other side of this image. That’s right, almost directly in line with the Fable skin’s eyes, you’ll see a llama in the background. If you look carefully, the back of the llama also looks like it has a banner on it. With this being an ‘even’ week, we’ve got a secret banner rather than a secret star, so you’ll now just need to figure out where the llama is on the map.

This isn’t referring to the supply llamas that randomly spawn on the map in Fortnite. Instead, it’s referring to the giant llama structure that can be found to the north of Junk Junction. Land on its back, and the secret banner shall appear before you. We’ve included an image of where you’re going to want to land on the llama below, though please note that we’ve already collected the secret banner.

Fortnite week 4 secret banner season 6

Then, as always, to pick it up, it’s simply a case of pressing and holding down X on Xbox One, Square on PS4, E on PC, and Y on Nintendo Switch.

That’s all you need to know to get the week 4 secret banner in Fortnite Season 6. If you’re still trying to track down the week 1 secret star, week 2 secret banner, or week 3 secret star, we have you covered with all of those, too.

For more tips, tricks, and information on the current season of Epic Games’ battle royale title, be sure to check out our comprehensive Fortnite Season 6 guide wiki.

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