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6 Features the Next Generation PlayStation Needs to Have


6 Features the Next Generation PlayStation Needs to Have

Following the recent announcement that Sony is working on next-gen hardware, it got our brains buzzing with ideas. What features would players as a whole be clamoring to see in a next generation PlayStation? Don’t worry Sony, you can take these ideas for free!

Features the Next Generation PlayStation Needs to Have

Backward Compatibility

Hoirzon Zero Dawn

Ever since it was recently uncovered by Gearnuke that Sony’s registered a new patent for “remastering by emulation,” many fans have been excited at the prospect of the PS5 delivering a comprehensive way of playing all those classic titles.

By the sounds of the patent, the technology would allow “original software (to be) played on the higher resolution display, with asset (such as texture) calls being intercepted, identified, and the data structure entered to retrieve the remastered asset having a matching identifier.” It sounds very technical, but it essentially sounds as though the next generation PlayStation would roll classic remasters into backward compatibility. Something we’ve seen with the likes of Destroy All Humans on the PS4 right now. Though, potentially on a smaller, less impressive scale. But who knows?

Whether this would stand as a separate system to PlayStation Now which could be used for PS3 and PS4 backward compatible titles remains to be seen.

Regardless, following nearly five years with the PS4’s sorry excuse for backward compatibility while Microsoft shows them how it’s done on Xbox One, the PS5, or whatever the next generation PlayStation is called needs to finally nail this down. Sony’s reluctance to backward compatibility finally needs to come to an end.

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