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CoD Black Ops 4 Prestige Level: What the Prestige Level Cap Is


CoD Black Ops 4 Prestige Level: What the Prestige Level Cap Is

What the Prestige Level Cap in CoD Black Ops 4 Is

Here’s what the Prestige Level Cap in CoD Black Ops 4 is.

Prestiging in the Call of Duty series gives players a visual distinction that they have climbed the online ranks and spent a sizable amount of time playing the game. With Treyarch preparing a few new well-designed Prestige icons for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, veteran players will definitely want to reach the maximum level cap fast to claim the rewards.

But if you’re unfamiliar with the Prestige system of Call of Duty, it’s worth knowing that Prestiging isn’t for everyone, and for good reason. Prestiging starts you from scratch, removing every single weapon, attachment, perk, and other unlocked gear. However, opting not to prestige has its drawbacks as well. All earned experience points will be wasted and you’ll miss out on opportunities to earn more calling cards, emblems, and extra character slots.

So, when will you face this dilemma in CoD Black Ops 4?

What the Prestige Level Is

Similar to the last few entries in the military shooter, the Prestige level cap in CoD Black Ops 4 is set at level 55. It’ll definitely take a few hours to reach the cap, but this is definitely a cakewalk for veteran Call of Duty gamers who have time to play all day long.

For those unfamiliar, Prestiging in Call of Duty will reset one’s player level. This means you’ll have to work your way to unlock the stronger firearms and equipment again and again each time you Prestige.

Arguably, the Prestige system is designed for hardcore gamers who are interested in upping their game. By removing all unlocked gear, players are forced to relearn the basics and avoid relying on their decked out equipment.

While you’ll be forced to use your basic firearms and gear again upon a Prestige, it doesn’t necessarily completely reset your progression. You receive a permanent unlock token once you reach the Prestige Level Cap in CoD Black Ops 4. You can use this token to unlock something that won’t be level or token-locked from you ever again.

Only the main multiplayer modes of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will have Prestige level cap of 55. The Blackout battle royale mode will not have Prestige. Instead, it will have a definite level cap set at 80.

So, that’s everything you need to know about the Prestige level cap in CoD Black Ops 4. If you have lingering questions about Treyarch’s multiplayer-focused shooting game, you should take a look at our expansive Black Ops 4 wiki. We have a wealth of useful resources, from basic information to useful tips and tricks for Zombies, Blackout, and the multiplayer modes. We’ve included a handful below for your perusal.

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