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Black Ops 4 Specialists: How to Change Specialists


Black Ops 4 Specialists: How to Change Specialists

How to Change Specialists in Black Ops 4

When Call of Duty Black Ops 3 released a few years back, it brought a unique and refreshing change to the franchise: specialists. With the introduction of specialists, players were able to customize their play style even further. With a different specialist for defensive players, offensive players and everyone in between, this class-like special ability character elevated the exciting, chaotic fun the franchise delivered each year. Fortunately, in Treyarch’s next entry, Black Ops 4, they’re back. Here’s how to change specialists in Black Ops 4.

The first thing to acknowledge when looking to change specialists in CoD Black Ops 4 is the game mode you are playing. We’ve broken down how to do this in each of the game modes in Black Ops 4 below.

If it’s Blackout, you can choose a specialist character. To do so, simply enter the Blackout mode screen.

From there, go to the character screen. There, you will see that you have access to different characters from past Black Ops entries, zombie stories and specialists. Choose the one you want — since you’re reading this, likely specialists — and you’re good to go. However, keep in mind that to unlock specialists in Blackout, you’ll need to first complete character missions.

For instance, you have a chance of getting Recon’s character mission by opening a supply drop in Blackout, and then you have to fulfill certain requirements to unlock that specialist in the battle royale mode.

How to Change Specialist in Multiplayer

If you’re playing multiplayer, to change specialists in Black Ops 4, you need to go to the actual specialists screen. To get there, first select multiplayer. This will bring you to the standard multiplayer lobby.

Once here, tab over to the specialists screen. Select the specialist you want to use, and in your next match, you should see that selection reflected in the character you control.

If you’re wanting to change specialist in the middle of a game, you’ll need to press the Options button on PS4 or Menu button on Xbox One when you die in a match. From there, you’ll instantly be shown a screen with the different specialists you can change to.

Keep in mind, however, that there can only be one of a specific Specialist per team, so you can’t pick a Specialist that someone else on your team has already selected. It helps to keep teams balanced, at least.

What You Need to Know About Specialist Choices in Black Ops 4

There are a number of options to choose from when looking to change specialists in Black Ops 4. Some allow you to place down barriers to stop the enemy team from advancing. Others are purely offensive, granting the player a gun that absolutely melts enemy players. There are also those in between that aren’t quite offensive, but not quite defensive either, too. All-rounders, if you will.

Regardless, you should match your play style with the specialist that fits best. If you like to run and gun, there’s a specialist for that. If you like to hang low and work behind-the-scenes, there’s a specialist for that. For someone who prefers to be a team player and cares more about reviving teammates than killing enemies, there’s a specialist for that.

While the specialist names won’t scream what play style they best accommodate, after a few rounds with them, what they’re best suited for will be clear. If you’re looking for kills, Ruin is the way to go. His grappling gun allows you to zip around the map to enemies and his Grav Slam ability allows you to kill an entire team at once if used properly.

On the defensive side, we recommend going with Torque. His barb wire equipment piece will injure enemies trying to advance on you or an objective. Once you’ve done enough damage with that, you can throw down his barricade equipment, which will stop all enemies in their tracks. If they don’t move out quick enough, they’ll be dead in no time. For something in between, go with Nomad. His trip wires allow you to play defensively if you want, while his equipment, an actual dog, will seek out kills by your side should you choose to go for the attack.

And that’s only three of the 10 specialists available for you to play as. With seven more to try out, you’re sure to find one that fits.

That’s it for how to change specialists in Black Ops 4. For more information about the game, be sure to check out our Black Ops 4 guide wiki for tips, tricks, walkthroughs and more. There, we have answers for questions you might have about Blackout, multiplayer, zombies, and more.

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