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7 Anime Like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure if You’re Looking for Something Similar


7 Anime Like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure if You’re Looking for Something Similar

It’s amazing how far Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has rocketed up in popularity in only a few short years. Once popular among only the most die-hard western manga readers, it is now one of the most popular Shonen series out there, thanks in no small part to an impressive anime adaptation that puts its over the top, bombastic shenanigans on full display. There are only so many episodes to be watched from the series though, and when viewers have watched them all and still need more, these seven shows will satisfy their cravings. Here are seven anime like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure if you’re looking for something similar.

7 Anime Like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure if You’re Looking for Something Similar

Bungo Stray Dogs

In a world where gifted individuals are born with special abilities, Nakajima Atsushi finds himself at death’s door when he discovers a man floating down a river and unable to reach the shore. After saving him and learning he is one such gifted individual, Atsushi is rewarded with the opportunity to join the Armed Detective Agency, a group dedicated to the protection of the public from those who would use their abilities for evil. Reluctantly, Atsushi accepts and begins a journey toward becoming the person he never believed he could be.

While the characters may not have the same amount of erratic energy or insane musculature that Jojo’s do, Bungo Stray Dogs measures up and then some with a world of super-powered individuals and stellar fight scenes. It’s a promising mix of drama and Shonen that’ll have you eager to dig into its two seasons and feature film as fast as possible.

7 Anime Like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure if You’re Looking for Something Similar

My Hero Academia

my hero academia

The current runaway hit among the anime community, My Hero Academia is a perfect mix of Japanese and western takes on superheroes. Set in a world where 90 percent of the population is born with special abilities known as quirks, it follows the journey of Izuku Midoriya, a young boy who is granted an immensely powerful quirk after being born without one. Eager to prove he deserves the life-changing gift, he enrolls in UA High School to learn how to be a proper hero and faces all manner of threats and challenges head-on in an attempt to become the world’s next symbol of peace.

Massive followings aside, My Hero Academia matches Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure in the sheer amount of creativity its characters’ powers provide. Just as Jojo’s Stand Users can manifest everything from a self-repairing steel tower to a time-stopping phantom, My Hero’s quirks can run the gamut of powers both new and old to keep viewers engaged and wondering what could be next. If you haven’t already, give this show a look and see just how much it has to offer. It’s easily one of the best anime like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure out there.

7 Anime Like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure if You’re Looking for Something Similar

Fist of the North Star

A product of the same testosterone-fueled design philosophy that birthed Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure in the 1980s, Fist of the North Star was and is a mega-hit franchise that throws logic out the window to focus on having fun. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, it follows the stoic Kenshiro in his quest to track down and kill the men who kidnapped his fiancee years ago. In addition to an intimidating physique, he is also able to use the ancient assassination art of Hokuto Shinken, which allows him to kill enemies in flashy and brutal ways by hitting their pressure points. Armed with this mighty power, he sets out to bring peace back to the wastes of the world, one dead bandit at a time.

Over the top and ridiculous, the show is a wild ride that most anyone can enjoy as long as they turn their brain off. It also features characters so musclebound they could put Jojo’s characters to shame, so if that floats your boat, there are few better shows to turn to.

7 Anime Like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure if You’re Looking for Something Similar

Hunter X Hunter

Set in a world full of treasures to uncover and wonders to discover, Hunter X Hunter follows the exploits of Gon Freecs and his friends as they seek out the things they desire most in the world. For some, it’s the love and acknowledgement of family members, long gone in search of their own desires. For others, it’s revenge against some of the worst the world has to offer and the means to carry it out. And for others still, it’s merely to find a journey more interesting than their destination.

Regardless, each is taken from humble beginnings to heights and stakes they couldn’t have dreamed of, and that viewers would never expect to see. And this is a good thing. In a sea of Shonen offerings that play it safe, Hunter X Hunter explores new areas and themes, introducing iconic ideas and stories in the process. If you liked how Jojo revels in what makes it different, you’ll find plenty to love in what Hunter X Hunter has to offer.

7 Anime Like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure if You’re Looking for Something Similar

Gurren Lagann

Following a near cataclysmic event, humanity has been forced underground by the animalistic Beastmen and their enigmatic ruler, hunted down and killed should they stray from their subterranean dwellings. Despite this, the young boys Simon and Kamina dream of a future on the surface beneath a blue sky, and after they discover a fighting robot fueled by many spirit and willpower and confidence, they’ll face down whoever stand in the way of their ambitions.

On par with even the most ridiculous of Jojo’s arcs, Gurren Lagann is a staple in the realm of anime to watch with your brain off and your love of fun turned up to 11. Each robot fight is more bombastic, more perilous and more outlandish than the last, but before you know it, you’ll be rooting for the characters even in their most unbelievable escapades. This is all set against top of the line animation and design, with some perfect sound work blended in for an experience you won’t soon forget.

7 Anime Like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure if You’re Looking for Something Similar

One-Punch Man

Whereas Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure revels in the things it can get away with as a Shonen, One-Punch Man delights itself in breaking them into little bits and pieces. In a world where monsters pose a constant threat to civilization, it’s up to heroes and the association they belong to to maintain peace and beat back any threats that emerge. Or at least, it would be, if there wasn’t someone eliminating the strongest monsters with a single punch.

Saitama, a man who became a hero as a hobby, is utterly unaware that his good deeds could become a profession. More often than not, he wanders into the most dangerous situations by chance and emerges no worse for wear. This changes after he meets a potential protege named Genos, though, and with any luck he could finally be seen as the best hero the world has ever seen.

Replacing tension with a running gag of a hero too powerful for his own liking, One-Punch Man is a stark, irreverent and hilarious look at Shonen anime and manga. It pokes fun at every cliche and staple of the story and design style found within it, but still manages to present some of the best fights and character arcs in the genre. For that, it’s the type of show most anyone can find something to enjoy in.

7 Anime Like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure if You’re Looking for Something Similar


During prohibition era Chicago, several strangers make their way onto a luxury train known as the Flying Pussyfoot. Some are related to a wealthy politician, eager to crack down on crime by any means necessary. Others are part of a notorious crime family who want to send a message to those who would interfere with their business around the country. And yet more are innocent bystanders, travelers and unlucky saps who happened to choose to travel at the wrong time. By the journey’s end, several of them will be dead, others maimed, and the rest left with an unbelievable story of how the threads of fate can intertwine.

A gripping character-driven story told in fractured recollections, Baccano! is a special kind of show that takes its strange premise and never stops running with it. Each twist will have viewers eager to find out what happens next, and when characters interact with one another, their clashing personalities make for just as explosive of a shower of sparks as Jojo could create.

What other anime like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure can you think of? Let us know in the comments section below, and check out some of our other anime recommendation lists such as the seven best anime of October 2018.

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