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6 Things to Do After Beating Red Dead Redemption 2 (End Game & Post Game)


6 Things to Do After Beating Red Dead Redemption 2 (End Game & Post Game)

Things to Do After Beating Red Dead Redemption 2 (End Game & Post Game)

Go on a Cross-Country Camping Trip and Hunt for Legendary Animals & Fish

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Although camping and hunting aren’t strictly required to beat Red Dead Redemption 2, they are really enjoyable activities if you take part in the way that the game intended. If you want a neat challenge that will really immerse you in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2, try going on a cross country camping trip, while hunting the game’s legendary animals.

Start on one end of the map, and use your Legendary Animal map & guide (along with fish too) to pinpoint all of their locations, and chart a path that takes you all around the game’s world. This way, you’re doing something productive towards 100%ing the game, and you have a whole new adventure to preoccupy you with after entering the end game and post game.

Camp out to stay fresh and craft the bait you’ll need in between hunts. If you pass by a town, go ahead and restock if it’s along the way, but try to resist the urge to fast travel, or take any shortcuts.

Rockstar has crafted one of the most beautiful and immerse gaming open-worlds ever. Use this as an opportunity to see a large portion of it without a mission to string you along.

Things to Do After Beating Red Dead Redemption 2 (End Game)

Gold Medal the Story Missions

Getting all of the gold medals for every mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 isn’t needed to just simply beat the game, but it’s a certainly something you can take on in the end game to give you some added replay value. You know, just in case you didn’t have enough to do already.

The gold medals are mostly all about accuracy and speed. You’re not only going to need to speed-run these missions, as that is a basic requirement for every mission. However, for anything requiring combat, you’re going to need to also shoot your weapon of choice with high accuracy, and/or get a certain amount of headshots.

In addition to that, some missions have special requirements unique to that particular mission. For example, a stealth mission gold medal may require you to not be spotted. Or, an ally gets into some scripted trouble, you’ll have to help him/her in a certain amount of time. Stuff like that.

You can check the status of your gold medals by entering the main menu, going to progress, then story, and then select the chapter you want to view the missions for. From there, you can see every medal you have, see what you still need to get for a gold medal, and then restart the mission. You won’t lose any progress if you’re not done with the game, so don’t worry.

Things to Do After Beating Red Dead Redemption 2 (End-Game)

Visit the Graves of Your Fallen Gang Members

Without spoiling anything about who dies specifically, know that you can, after beating the game, go and visit the graves of various characters in the game that do pass away.

The graves are scattered all around the super large open-world of Red Dead Redemption 2. Finding each one, and paying your respects, will take a while, but it’s a nice send off

If you need help, we do have a guide for that complete with written and video directions for each and every grave. Just keep in mind that, unlike this article, that guide contains spoilers, so view that at your own risk.

Things to Do After Beating Red Dead Redemption 2 (End-Game)

Explore Tumbleweed and Armadillo

Feeling nostalgic about the first Red Dead Redemption? Did you skip the first game and wanted to get a little taste of some of the locales in that one? Go and check out Tumbleweed and Armadillo, two locations that were featured in the first Red Dead Redemption game.

You can visit them at any point honestly, however, the main storyline never actually tasks you with going into that section of the map. So if you’re not big on exploring, and kind of stuck to exploring the areas that are featured in the campaign, you might not even have realized that both of these towns are in the game.

If you played the first game, it’s a nice bit of fan service to see how ghost town Tumbleweed, and the very much more alive town of Armadillo were like slightly before John Marston rolled in years later.

Things to Do After Beating Red Dead Redemption 2 (End-Game)

Collect the Cigarette Cards and Dinosaur Bones

If you’re looking for something that will have you hunting all around the map of Red Dead Redemption 2 for hours on end, both of these two activities will keep you plenty busy. The dinosaur bones are part of a side quest that is given to you by Deborah MacGuiness. She can be found roughly southeast of Horseshoe Overlook.

There’s 30 dinosaur bones scattered all around the map. If you want a real challenge, go find them without any guide. However, if that’s too daunting (it would be for me), you can follow along with our guide to find each one.

If the dinosaur bone hunting is too casual for you, then try and find all Cigarette Cards. There are a grand total of 144 of them, and they are scattered around the game’s world, and sold in stores. If there’s something that’s going to stand in your way of 100% completion, it’s probably those cards. Better get a move on.

Things to Do After Beating Red Dead Redemption 2 (End-Game)

Play Red Dead Online

This one is obvious, but we have to mention it, and just get it out of the way. Although Red Dead Online isn’t out yet as of the time of this writing, the beta is due to start sometime in November of 2018. We imagine, at some point not too terribly long after that, the game mode will be “released” properly.

Red Dead Online will be similar to GTA Online in that it is a connected online multiplayer experience where you’ll be able to walk around the game world as your character, and interact with other player character. You can cooperate and complete objectives (or just hang and do side activities), but also kill one another as well.

While you’ll come for Red Dead Redemption 2’s campaign and open-world, what might keep you playing the game for months or even years to come, is Red Dead Online. So definitely keep an eye on its progress over the coming weeks, especially if you were a fan of GTA Online.

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