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5 Features Future My Hero Academia Games Need to Have


5 Features Future My Hero Academia Games Need to Have

With the release of My Hero One’s Justice, the smash hit anime series finally makes its debut in the world of video games. It provides plenty of Quirk-powered battles for fans to experience, and while it may not be the best anime game out there, it’s still a good time. However, My Hero Academia is a series rife with potential for video games, and there could be some truly great experiences if done correctly. Here are five ideas the future of My Hero Academia games should use.

Features Future My Hero Academia Games Need to Have

School Setting and Exploration

One of the most unique things about My Hero Academia is its school setting mixed with the superhero genre, showing heroes-in-training at the prestigious U.A. High School. With a fantastic cast of characters in Class 1-A, My Hero Academia would be absolutely perfect for a Persona-like experience.

Imagine being able to roam the halls of U.A. as Deku, hanging out with your classmates, exploring, taking hero courses, and more. Of course, this would all be broken up by some kind of combat system that either follows the main story of the manga/anime, or an entirely new one. Add Class 1-B, the teachers, and some of the other students we’ve seen into the mix, and you have a robust school body that would easily fill a small open world area.

There aren’t a ton of series out there that would be able to perfectly adapt the Persona formula, but My Hero Academia certainly seems like one of them. The potential for having a time-management school system is boundless, but even if you didn’t want to go that far simply having a virtual U.A. to explore would be a delight to fans, and a great way to expand on the world of the series even more.

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