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Pokemon GO Lucky Pokemon: How to Get Them & What They Do


Pokemon GO Lucky Pokemon: How to Get Them & What They Do

How to Get Lucky Pokemon in Pokemon GO and What They Do

Niantic updated Pokemon GO earlier this year and added the feature that allows trainers to trade with others by adding them as friends. By adding someone to your friends list in Pokemon GO, there is also a chance to obtain a lucky Pokemon if you trade with others. These are one of the many benefits of having a friend in the game as well as the ability to send gifts and check on others’ progress, like seeing how many Pokemon they have caught or what level they’re at.

The process of getting a lucky Pokemon in Pokemon GO is simple. As long as you trade Pokemon with a friend, the chance of getting a lucky Pokemon is there. Lucky Pokemon are more likely to be strong competitors in battle and require less stardust to power them up. You can tell if a Pokemon is a lucky one if they’re shimmering with a glowy effect in the Pokedex and Pokemon profile. The longer that you have a Pokemon in your possession, the more likely that it will turn into a lucky Pokemon when traded. If you were to catch a Pokemon in the wild and then immediately trade it without taking care of it, then the chance for it to be lucky is slim.

Even just having just one lucky Pokemon in your party will help you be the best Pokemon trainer that you could be. Whenever you’re trading with your fellow trainers, be sure to get some of the Pokemon that they’ve had since the game launched, and you can bet your bottom dollar that that Pokemon will most likely be of the lucky variety.

That’s all you need to know about getting Lucky Pokemon in Pokemon GO! For more help, tips, tricks, and more on everything Pokemon GO, then be sure to check out our ever-growing wiki guide on the game right here that is chock-full of useful information.

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