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NBA 2K19: Advanced Passing Guide


NBA 2K19: Advanced Passing Guide

Advanced Passing Guide for NBA 2K19

Looking for a guide for tips on advancing passing for NBA 2K19? We have you covered.

Kicking off our guide for advanced passing in NBA 2K19 is finding the open player. Finding the open man at the right moment and efficiently passing the ball his way can land you some easy buckets. This applies to the real-life basketball game and NBA 2K19, and with the latter receiving a huge bump in AI and decreased blow-by drives, you definitely want to make good passes to score some hoops.

The standard pass, which can be done with the X/A button, is the easiest way to get the ball to your teammate, but it isn’t necessarily the most efficient. Performing the standard pass, or a chest pass, with reckless abandon can easily lead to turnovers, so make sure you think twice and check if the defender can’t get their hands on the ball. If you hold the X/A button, you can send the ball to a teammate who’s farther away. This is useful if you’re in the paint with a few teammates near you, as you can make sure that the ball gets sent to someone near the three-point area, preferably a teammate who’s wide open to take the shot. This is key for improving your advanced passing skill in-game.

A bounce pass can be done by pressing Circle/B. This is ideal for sending the ball to small players with a big defender in your way. If you’re looking to make a playful assist for the highlight reel, you can double tap the button for a flashy pass. If you want to deceive the enemy team for an opportunity to drive to the basket, you should use the fake pass. This is done by pressing Circle/B and Triangle/Y at the same time.

For an overhead pass, press Triangle/Y. The overhead pass is great for starting a fast break. You can also hold the button for a lead to basket pass. Performing this maneuver instructs a teammate to cut to the basket before receiving the ball, which is great for making quick assists in the paint. Alternatively, you can double tap Triangle/Y for an alley-oop.

If you wish to manually control a specific receiver, you should set enable full receiver control for both icon passing and receiver control in the settings. With these settings active, tapping R1/RB and holding the specific icon of the receiver will provide you with full control of the selected character for up to three seconds, and you can even hold the turbo button (R2/RT) to make him sprint. Simply release the button you’re holding to pass the ball to the player you controlled. In NBA 2K19, you can perform this move to make the receive get closer to your character for a safer pass. Alternatively, you can set them up for a wide open bucket.

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