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FIFA 19: How to Do a Low Driven Shot


FIFA 19: How to Do a Low Driven Shot

How to Do a Low Driven Shot in FIFA 19

There are a ton of different ways to bag yourself a goal in FIFA 19. You could finesse it from the outside of the box, curling the ball into the top-left corner. You could head it in from a cross or corner, slot it past the keeper smoothly one-on-one, or even pull off a bicycle kick. For the past few entries in the FIFA franchise, however, the low driven shot has been a little bit (very) overpowered. If you get one on target and get it just right, you may as well begin celebrating, because the keepers just didn’t stand a chance. Well, things have changed a little in FIFA 19, and that includes how to do a low driven shot.

Whereas in past FIFA games, all you’ve had to do is press and hold the shoot button to fill your shot power gauge high, before releasing it and pressing it again quickly, FIFA 19 changes the button inputs up altogether. To do a low driven shot in FIFA 19 on Xbox One, you’ll need to press LB and RB and B all at the same time. Power up your shot how you normally would, and of course, thanks to the introduction of the new Timed Finishing system, you can press B again in the sweet spot to nail it.

For PS4 players, the buttons you’ll need to press are L1 and R1 and Circle all at the same time, and then press Circle again in that sweet spot for the Timed Finishing.

With a bit of practice and luck, you’ll begin nailing the low driven shot in FIFA 19 as you have been able to in recent years. It can just take a while to get used to.

That’s all you need to know to do a low driven shot in FIFA 19. For more tips, tricks, and information on the game, be sure to check out our comprehensive FIFA 19 wiki.

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