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FIFA 19: How to Use Active Touch


FIFA 19: How to Use Active Touch

How to Use Active Touch in FIFA 19

FIFA 19 brings better ball control more than ever with its brand new active touch system. This brand new feature allows you to gain better ball control through fluid flicks, traps, tricks, feints, and juggles. By injecting more personality and creativity into your movement, you can open wider spaces against defenders to lob a clear pass or shoot a goal. Here’s what you need to know about how to use active touch in FIFA 19.

The active touch in FIFA 19 is a system that leads to more fluid character movements. Basically, your character will perform flicks and touches in respect to your character position and context in the field.

The active touch system mainly affects your character’s flicks and touches with the right stick. For example, continually pressing the right stick while standing will allow you to juggle the ball, with longer touches leading to a higher ball juggle. With the active touch system opting for a natural and fluid movement system, FIFA 19 allows you to juggle the ball with either your player’s knee or feet depending on your timing with the right stick.

Another useful movement players should familiarize themselves with are flicks. You can flick the ball to the direction you want by flicking the right stick in the respective location. Similar to juggling, you can control how high you flick the ball depending on how long you flick the right stick. You can continue flicking the ball left or right with your feet as much as you want, which is greatly useful if you want to confuse defenders.

The active touch system is quite dynamic and context sensitive. This means it can be a bit difficult at times to determine which animation your character will perform. Being too playful might also cost you the ball, so be use to use it with moderation. Nonetheless, performing successful flicks, traps, feints, and juggles can lead to some outstanding highlight moments. This can also break your opponents’ defenses.

So, that’s the basics about the active touch system, and that’s how to use active touch in FIFA 19. Be sure to check our guide wiki for more useful tips about the game. If you need some general tips, Squad Battle tips, or help with FIFA points, we’ve got you covered as well.

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