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FIFA 19 Squad Battles: Tips & Tricks for Beginners & Returning Players


FIFA 19 Squad Battles: Tips & Tricks for Beginners & Returning Players

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Tips & Tricks for FIFA 19 Squad Battles

Pick Your Difficulty Carefully

Picking the right difficulty for Squad Battles in FIFA 19 is the most vital thing to success. You need to balance being able to beat a difficulty level and being able to score enough that you’re getting more Squad Battles points than you would if you’d played the same match on a lower difficulty.

The AI-controlled teams are slightly improved in FIFA 19 Squad Battles, which may be down to it being harder to score, with them being slightly less likely to fall for the fake shot stops and scoop turns that they couldn’t deal with last year, so you might not want to jump straight into Legendary if that’s what you played on last year.

Since you get quite a bonus for scoring in FIFA 19 Squad Battles, it’s better to win five nil twice on, say, Professional difficulty than it is to win 2-1 once and draw the second on World Class. If you’re sure you’ll win by two or three goals, opt for the higher difficulty, but play it safe if you’re not sure you will, because that’ll maximize the number of points you get.

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