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Dragon Quest XI: Tips & Tricks for Beginners


Dragon Quest XI: Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Dragon Quest XI Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Search the World High and Low

The number one tip we can possibly give you for Dragon Quest XI, is simply to explore and look everywhere you go. The world of Erdrea is teeming with secrets and treasure to find, both in and out of towns. Sparkly spots dot every field you make your way through, rewarding you with valuable items for crafting. You can even see the locations of these spots by opening up the map with square, then selecting map menu, and looking for sparkly spots.

Towns, in particular, are exceptionally detailed and have tons of things to find. Keep an eye out for treasure chests hidden away, open up wardrobes to find items, smash pots and barrels to find items. You can also inspect any bookshelf with a red book, which sometimes leads to the hero reading a book and learning story or lore, and other times can lead to you getting a recipe card which teaches you new items to make at the Fun Sized Forge.

Outside of items and equipment, the citizens of Erdrea just have interesting things to say and stories to tell, and often side quests to give. It really is in your best interest to explore the world in every way you can.

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