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Dragon Quest XI: Where to Find Amelia (Amelia’s in a Pickle Quest Guide)


Dragon Quest XI: Where to Find Amelia (Amelia’s in a Pickle Quest Guide)

Where to Find Amelia (Amelia’s in a Pickle Quest Guide) in Dragon Quest XI

Apart from fighting dangerous enemies and exploring new areas, Dragon Quest XI is packed with plenty of different quests to take on. From the main mission down to different side quests, there are plenty of people who will need your help throughout your journey. One particular mission, Amelia’s In a Pickle, has you searching for a cat. If you’re having trouble looking for Amelia, here’s where you can find her in Dragon Quest XI.

The cat isn’t too far from where you accepted the quest, and it’s actually fairly easy to find Amelia once you know where she is. Once you’ve accepted the mission in Dragon Quest XI, look for the item shop right behind the quest giver. When you’re inside, you should see a flight of stairs that lead straight up to another floor. Go on up and look for a ladder, taking you up to the roof of the building. Now that you have a better view of things, you should see the cat to your right. To reach her, all you need to do is simply leap over to the other roof where she’s waiting. Interact with the cat and the Amelia’s In a Pickle quest should finish shortly afterward.

That’s basically all you need to know about finding the cat. Amelia’s in a Pickle is only one of the many other quests you’ll find in the game, with other missions usually requiring you to find other NPCs or fight some monsters. If you have some spare time, it’s definitely worth clearing up some of these missions in Dragon Quest XI, especially since you’ll get some pretty handy rewards.

If you’re looking for more help on Dragon Quest XI, make sure to search through our wiki for more tips and tricks on the game.

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