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Destiny 2 Forsaken Gambit Mode: Tips & Tricks for Winning and Playing The Right Way


Destiny 2 Forsaken Gambit Mode: Tips & Tricks for Winning and Playing The Right Way

Destiny 2: Forsaken Gambit Mode – Tips & Tricks for Winning

Tip 1: Create Roles: Killers & Bankers

Destiny 2 Gambit Tips Tricks

While you can scrape together wins by collectively playing well, similar to what most people already do in the Crucible, in Destiny 2’s Gambit, coordination always wins out when both team’s skills are more or less even. The bane of Gambit teams in our experience is when everyone is scrambling for motes and they are spread out between four different members instead of just one or two. In this scenario, all four of you don’t have enough to create any larger blockers for the other team, and you’re using your motes inefficiently in that case. Effectively banking motes is key in Destiny 2’s Gambit mode.

Instead, for Gambit, have two members that are dedicated “killers,” they focus on just taking down enemies, hanging back, and largely ignoring motes, and have two members that stay up close to the enemies, perhaps equipped with guns like fusions and shotguns, and they are the ones that actually go and pick up the motes, and bank them.

Keep in mind, you might want to alter this strategy as the game shifts into Gambit’s mid/ late game. Especially if the other team has a strong invader, keeping all your motes in one or two baskets might be dangerous if you’re at risk of that person getting assassinated by an invader. Just make sure at the very least, you’re communicating if you’re playing with friends or even strangers.

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