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5 Best Multiplayer & Co-Op Games of August 2018


5 Best Multiplayer & Co-Op Games of August 2018

Best Multiplayer and Co-Op Games of August 2018

Monster Hunter: World (PC)

Monster Hunter: World

Action-RPG Monster Hunter: World released for PS4 and Xbox One back in January, but this past month it finally arrived for PC users as well. You play as an elite hunter who must complete monster bounties in order to collect precious resources from their bodies to make new armor and weapons to progress through the story mode.

While you can fight monsters solo, the game is best enjoyed with you team up with other to hunt and trap various beasts. By going to the gathering hub you can make squads, post quests, and join others in their servers to fight monsters together, but the more people that are in a group, the stronger the monster will become.

The game allows up to 16 players at once per server, with quests allowing four to go together at a time. If two players go out together then their cat Palico buddies will come along to help, but if three or more hunters team up, it will just be them fighting the monsters. As an aside, if you’re not keen on replaying World on PC, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate also released for the Switch in August, which allows you to take your hunting on the go.

Monster Hunter: World released for PC on Aug. 9.

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