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We Happy Few: How to Eat Food and Drink Water


We Happy Few: How to Eat Food and Drink Water

How to Eat Food and Drink Water in We Happy Few

We Happy Few is all about survival. Part of surviving is keeping your strength up by eating and drinking so that you don’t die of hunger and/or thirst. Before you can eat or drink anything, though, you’ll have to find some food and beverage. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to sit down for a nice meal.

First off, you can bring up your inventory menu by pressing the Tab key. Look for the food or beverage you want to consume, then click on it and hold the F key. Drinks will quench your thirst, while food items will help with hunger. Keeping these up is vital to making sure you always have enough stamina to sprint and fight.

You can also equip either food or water (or any other beverage) to a quick slot. When you have them in a quick slot you can cycle through them while playing We Happy Few by using left and right on the d-pad. once the item you want to use is selected, hold down LB to use it. If you’re on PC, use the number keys to select the quick slot you want, then press and hold the F key to consume it.

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