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We Happy Few: Combat Tips and Tricks


We Happy Few: Combat Tips and Tricks

We Happy Few is all about survival and escape (and sometimes combat). You are dropped into a twisted, alternate England where the Germans invaded during WWII and caused a heap of trouble. To escape, the English had to do a Very Bad Thing, so to cope they’ve created Joy, a drug capable of wiping away your guilt as it contorts you into a grinning madman.

Any sane person would know to steer clear of any of the Wellies (those who take Joy) and Bobbies (police) that may cross their paths. As is the case in most survival games, combat is not something that usually favors the player. It is a last resort when you need to get things done and violence is the only recourse. Unfortunately, you won’t always be given the option. You may do something unknowingly and find yourself surrounded by people who want nothing more than to kill you.

Combat can be unforgiving, though, so we’ve put together some helpful tips to keep you alive and your enemies at bay.

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