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We Happy Few: Are There Cheats? What You Need to Know


We Happy Few: Are There Cheats? What You Need to Know

Are There Cheats In We Happy Few?

We Happy Few, the next project from Compulsion Games is set in a twisted dystopia where nothing is quite like it seems. Everything will look bright and peachy as long as you remember to take your Joy. A pill that makes the world look bright and vibrant, a true encapsulation of the quote “Ignorance is bliss.” The city streets are covered in trash, people live in filth, but no one seems to care once they have a bit of Joy. We Happy Few has players trying to survive their escape from the city, which is no easy task. Scavenge for supplies through other peoples’ homes, but be careful because not everyone will be OK with you touching their stuff and stuff may even get violent. Its story mode will allow you to see just how twisted this world really is. Survival games can often be difficult and taxing for players just trying to enjoy the story. Many people are wondering if We Happy Few has cheats that will make the game a bit easier for those not looking for a challenge.

Well at this current moment in time there are no cheats in We Happy Few. Maybe down the line some fun stuff could be added to let players fool around a bit more in the world of We Happy Few, but the current state of the game does not have any cheats. Even though there are no cheats in the game that doesn’t rule out the possibility of fun Easter Eggs the developers could have hidden in the game to add a bit of flair.

That’s all you need to know regarding whether or not there are cheats in We Happy Few. For more tips, tricks, and information on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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