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The 50 Best Prison Architect Mods You Need to Play With


The 50 Best Prison Architect Mods You Need to Play With

You’ve built a prison, now it’s time to mod it.

Here are 30 of Best Prison Architect Mods to help make your gameplay experience absolutely memorable and way more fun. These are must have mods for your Prison Architect playthrough.

Best Prison Architect Mods (Must Have Prison Architect Mods)

Dispatch Mod

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Have you noticed that there is never anyone around that works for you in Prison Architect when you need them most? A riot is breaking out, there are escapes happening, prisoners are dying, and literally no prison employees are in the area. Searching for someone to help out can often times be an arduous process, but that is no longer the case with the Dispatch Mod.

The Dispatch Mod allows you to summon the necessary individuals to a designated location. Need a doctor? Hit the Doctor Dispatch button and one will come rushing to a prisoner or guard in need even if they’re far away. You can even summon nearby guards or large groups of guards that will come from all areas of your prison.

Gone are the days of painstakingly seeking out the guards who serve you, now it all happens at the click of a button. This should leave you more time to focus on more important endeavors, such as getting more inmates.

Best Prison Architect Mods (Must Have Prison Architect Mods)

Cramp Up the Rooms

If you have always wanted to cramp up your prison, this mod is for you. With it, you’re able to make rooms at much smaller sizes than the original designations for them. This means that cells can be built at 2×2 now, holding cells at 2×4, yards at 2×2, and other crazy new dimensions. No repercussions! Except, you know, maybe everyone will feel absolutely claustrophobic.

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