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Red Dead Redemption: How to Lasso People & Horses


Red Dead Redemption: How to Lasso People & Horses

How to Lasso in Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is all about being the cowboy John Marston. He’ll be able to gunsling, ride horses, and redeem himself in the eyes of the law and life. As such, he has plenty of wild west tools at his disposal to help him with a wide variety of things he can do. One such tool that he can use to capture people and horses alike is the lasso! Here’s how to lasso anything you want within the game.

After a certain point in the story, while doing Bonnie’s missions, you’ll get your hands on a sweet lasso. The mission will have you capturing some horses, but you can effectively also lasso people, too! To lasso, you need to have it equipped. Hold L1 or LB to bring up the weapon wheel and choose it.

Once you have it out, you can aim it with L2 (or L2 if you’re on Xbox) and hold R2 (or RT) to throw it far. Keep in mind that it’s not a crazy long rope, but it should be good enough to get anything that runs from you. Once you have them hooked, you have to keep holding down L2 (or LT) and R2 (or RT) while walking towards them.

If they’re a horse, you can ride them an break them in by doin’ a whole rodeo bit. If it’s a person, once you get close enough you can press Triangle on PlayStation (or Y on Xbox) to hogtie them. Then, they can be carried! Excellent for getting bounties alive.

That’s how you lasso in Red Dead Redemption! If you need more help with the game, this is the place to be! Let us know in the comments below your question and we’ll do our best to help you out.

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