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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: How to Change Hunter Arts and Styles


Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: How to Change Hunter Arts and Styles

How to Change Hunter Arts and Styles in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is finally available in the west, and it’s on the brand new Nintendo Switch, no less. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the series or if you’re a newcomer, there are still a few new mechanics to learn in this game, with one of them being the Hunter Arts and Styles. Here’s what you need to know about selecting your Hunter Styles and how you can change them.

At the start of the game, after you’ve created your character, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate will prompt you to choose a Hunter Style. Don’t worry too much about this, though; regardless of what you choose, you’ll be able to change it anytime you want once you get into the game proper.

All you have to do is interact with the item box either in your hut, or near the departure gate where you’ll embark on quests. Press the A button to interact with the item box, then choose the last option at the bottom of the menu. From here, you’ll get to choose your preferred Hunter Style again, and you’ll also get to equip your Hunter Arts, which can be used in battle.

There are a total of six Hunter Styles: Guild, Striker, Adept, Aerial, Valor, and Alchemist, with the last two being new additions to Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. For beginners, we recommend going with Guild or Striker, as those Styles feel a little more well-rounded and beginner-friendly. But once you familiarize yourself with the game’s combat system, you can start experimenting with the other Styles to see which one suits you best.

One important thing to note is that some Hunter Styles will give you access to three regular Art slots, while others will limit you a little.

Be sure to check our wiki for more information on Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

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