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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: How to Transfer Save Data From 3DS to Switch


Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: How to Transfer Save Data From 3DS to Switch

How to Transfer Your Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Save Data From 3DS to Switch

If you’re someone who’s put hundreds of hours into the Nintendo 3DS game, Monster Hunter Generations, chances are you’re going to want to bring that progress over to the Nintendo Switch port, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. Doing so isn’t necessarily the easiest task, though, but for those who care, it’s well worth the time. Here’s how to transfer save data from the 3DS to the Switch in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

The first thing you’re going to need to do is head to the Nintendo eShop on the 3DS. Once there, search and download the Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Save Transfer app. From there, open the app and select “Link Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch.” After this, you should see your Link ID.

On the bottom screen of your 3DS, you should see the “Show Transfer Password” option. Select that. Doing so will give you a password with 10 characters.

The next step in this process is simple: start Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on the Switch. When you’ve reached the main menu, select “Data Transfer,” then “Link Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch.” The next window will prompt you to enter the transfer password, which should be visible on your 3DS if you’ve followed these steps correctly. Enter the password displayed on your 3DS on the Switch.

Now, from here, go to your 3DS and head to the main menu of the transfer app. Select “Save Data Transfer.” The app will ask you if you want to proceed and naturally, you should select yes. After this, go back to the Switch (quite annoying, isn’t it?), head into the “Save Data Transfer” menu once more and this time, select the option to “Receive Save Data.” Confirm you want to do this and shortly after, the data should be transferred.

If you’ve done this correctly, you’ll receive a message telling you the transfer of save data has taken place.

For more Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate information, be sure to check out our wiki for tips, tricks, walkthroughs and more.

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