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Madden 19 MUT Coins: How to Get MUT Coins Fast & Easily


Madden 19 MUT Coins: How to Get MUT Coins Fast & Easily

With this Madden 19 guide, you’ll learn how to get coins fast and easy in Madden 19’s Madden Ultimate Team mode. That includes tips and tricks beyond just completing the solo challenges in MUT, like other sites might just tell you to do. Here’s how to get MUT Coins fast in Madden 19.

How to Get MUT Coins Fast & Easily in Madden 19

Step 1: Do Challenges, Get a Solid Bank Together

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Madden 19 brings back the popular and supremely profitable Madden Ultimate Team, better known as MUT, back for another season. While Madden 19 MUT features plenty of microtransaction options for you to buy packs, and improve your team using the good ol’ fashioned dollar, unless money is no object for you, you’re probably going to want some more inexpensive AKA free ways for improving your MUT team in Madden 19. That’s where coins come in.

Coins are the lifeblood of a MUT team, when you have a lot of them, it’s the easiest and most direct way to improve your team. Here’s how to get MUT Coins fast and easy in Madden 19.

First, you need to grind yourself out a nest egg of coins to work with in Madden 19’s MUT. You start with zero, and unless you’re going to buy points with cash, you don’t have an immediate way to improve your team other than getting a few starter players from certain easy to complete challenges. Your first stop will be to complete solo challenges for coin rewards.

Between the Practice challenges and the lengthy Campaign solo challenges, you’ll have plenty to occupy your time with. It will take a long time to complete all of them, and to be honest you really don’t need to, but the further you can get through before it starts getting so difficult that it’s not worth, the better. After you have a decent amount of MUT coins in Madden 19, let’s say as close to 20K as you can stomach, you’re ready for step 2.

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