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Madden 19 Longshot 2: How to Get All Endings


Madden 19 Longshot 2: How to Get All Endings

Madden 19 Longshot 2: How to Get All Endings

Madden 19 sees the continuation of Longshot mode, the story campaign that debuted in last year’s edition. Longshot 2 see’s the continuation of both Devin and Colt’s stories directly following the events of the last game. However, one important thing to keep in mind is that Longshot 2 has its own, now canon, starting point.

Your choices from the first game are thrown out in favor of a starting point that is fast forwarded to where Devin Cole is on the Cowboys, and Colt Cruise is a struggling musician trying to make it big after landing one hit song. This is probably disappointing to a lot of people that were hoping that choice-laden original would carry them over, but it is what it is. Let’s just dig into how to get all the endings in Longshot 2.

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t continue if you don’t know want to know all of the endings for Longshot 2.

Madden 19 Longshot 2 All Endings for Each Character

As of the time of this writing we’re still trying to figure out if and how the endings deviate. While Colt and Devon are still the stars, there are a number of new and returning characters that get their time in the game as well. When we have more time with it, we can confirm either way, in the mean time, a video guide posted ahead of release by YouTuber Daryus P, touches on one set of possibilities that we will list below. If you’d like to view the endings for yourself, definitely check out Daryus’ Ps video.

Coach Jamison: Hank passes away in the events of Longshot 2, and by the end credits, a new stadium in Mathis for the Bullfrogs is constructed in his honor.

Loretta Cruise: Loretta is accepting of her father’s wishes to be close to her and Colt again. She learns to play Bass, and joins Colt and their father in playing weekly.

Geese Guzman: Through the events of the story becomes the building supervisor of the new Mathis football stadium, and commissioning a statue in Coach Jamison’s honor.

Earl Coates: Ends up being a mentor for a young Mathis Quarterback.

Donnie Marks: Launches a fitness water aimed at children.

Carlos Guzman: Began his own fund that helps people start their own business.

Devin Wade: Winds up leaving the Cowboys, to join the Texans instead. Gets an opportunity to start and potentially defeat Tom Brady in a game.

Colt Cruise: Still plays music, but finds out he’s actually a great playmaker instead. Becomes the coach of Mathis Bullfrogs football, and the ending hints that he may have opportunity to move into coaching professional at the NFL level. He begrudgingly accepts his father desire to move back into town to be closer to his children.

That does it for all of the endings for Longshot 2 that we know so far. Best of luck turning both Colt and Devin’s life around. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our comprehensive wiki.

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