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Madden 19: How to Create a Team


Madden 19: How to Create a Team

How to Create a Team in Madden 19

Wondering how to create a team in Madden 19 are ye? You’re probably one of the hardcore fans that have been checking every year if this long requested feature is being returned to Madden 19. Sadly, the create a team feature is still missing yet again this year. EA Tiburon hasn’t included create a team for a while now, and the drought continues. There have been advances in customizable rosters, and you have some options in franchise that will sort of give you a similar experience, but no, you can’t inject a completely new team into either Play Now or Franchise.

Instead of sending you off totally hopeless, though, there are a couple of alternatives you could opt for if you want to create a team in Madden 19.

Request it From EA Tiburon/EA Sports

Developers do listen to fans. They might not be able to get to your request right away, but if enough people politely voice their opinion to EA Sports and/or EA Tiburon, they could eventually add the feature back into a future Madden if they have the resources to do it. Try @ing them on Twitter, again nicely, and see what happens. Madden 19 may be a lost cause now, but who knows what the future holds.

Create an Ultimate Team Instead

Madden 19 brings back the popular Ultimate Team mode, and while it’s not going to fulfill all of the fun to be had in the old create a team, it does have some elements of it. You’ll put together your own fantasy roster of players to compete against other fantasy rosters. The team will feel uniquely yours, and you can take it online in competitions and/or grind out challenges against the CPU for rewards.

Relocate your team in Franchise Mode

The next best thing to create a team is relocating a team in Franchise Mode in Madden 19. Here’s a step by step guide for how to do that if you’re keen. In sum though, you’ll be able to move a team from one city to another, and then change up their uniforms. It’s something at least, although it’s a lot more complicated to pull off than just injecting in at the start of a new franchise.

Play Madden 12

Well, you could always go back and play the last version that had create a team in it! Like last season, it was a good year that year. The Giants defeated Tom Brady and the Patriots, and New York was on top of the sport world again. Hit up Amazon or e-Bay and see if you can find an old copy. It’s likely very cheap.

That does it for options for creating a team in Madden 19. Sorry we couldn’t deliver good news, but hopefully these alternatives help ease the pain at least a little. Check our Guide Wiki for more FAQs answered.

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